#11 organise with others

Organise with others

was a reactivation day on 13 January 2018

at Res., Enclave 1-3, 50 Resolution Way, SE8 4AL


we’ve compiled all the notes & images from the day on this page 


We’re getting ready for a new year of art and politics. One year since Unite Against Dividers activation weekend, we’re reconvening to ask:
Has anything changed? How should we continue to organise? What works – and what doesn’t?

The premise of the Unite Against Dividers weekend was to galvanise 500 angry mice into action.* Instead of creating one big monocultural movement, we wanted to energise everyone to become an active citizen rather than a passive consumer of politics.

Organise With Others will be a one-day event to find out if these intentions became a reality. We will take stock, evaluate strategies, meet new and old colleagues, recharge our batteries. We have reinvited cultural workers and politicians who helped us shape last year’s activation and will also introduce you to people we have worked with since.

Contributors (more TBA) include: Fozia IsmailJulie Ward MEPMagda FabianczykShiri Shalmy/Artists Union EnglandAmal KhalafOne Day Without UsRose GibbsCounterpoints ArtsJenny Moore/F*choir, Rosa Carbo-Mascerell

Link for tickets here. The choir rehearsal needs a separate ticket

We will release a more detailed programme nearer the date. In the afternoon we will have lots of small group discussions, rather than the typical panel set up. As usual, there will be lots of food (vegan curry & Theresa May cakes), as well as non-alcoholic drinks supplied by Company drinks. In the evening you can either take part in an open rehearsal of F*CHOIR or go for a lantern walk.

* “There’s always talk about unity; we need unity, unity, unity. But I always say if you were the […] government, and […] you had guns, which would you rather see come through the door: one lion, unified, or five hundred mice? My answer is the five hundred mice can do a lot of damage.” Zella/Flo Kennedy, Born in Flames


Good to know

~ We have produced three jumpers with Ciara Phillips, Sofia Niazi and An Endless Supply to fundraise for the event. You can buy them here

~ If you would like to help us organise or have any questions, email keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com

~ If you would like to take part and be one of the people who present their work/project/group/party/cause, email keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com

~ Email or message us if you need childcare to be able to attend. If there is enough demand, we will have a creche again

~ Email or message us if we can make it easier for you to attend. We’re currently negotiating wheelchair access (and other mobility aids) with the venue. If there is demand, we can also book interpreters.

~ Like last year, we published a handbook. You can download it here OWO Handbook