Keep It Complex gives you easy things to do in a difficult world. At the moment it might feel like you’ve got too many tabs open in your brain: Brexit, Trump, climate change, male violence, cultural hegemony, islamophobia, terrorism, right-wing populism – the list goes on.

Keep It Complex is a collaborative and evolving organisation which confronts political issues through ideas and action. It’s about using art to have conversations with people you don’t usually talk to. It’s about not giving in to fear and apathy.

We currently have several strands of activity. We work collaboratively to run events, curate workshops, facilitate discussions and create campaign materials.

Keep It Complex is about making clear what we want, without simplifying discussion: a peaceful, caring, angry, anti-austerity, factual, DIY, transnational, struggling, messy, family-friendly, queer, inclusive, intergenerational, generous, diverse society.

Keep it complex developed out of, an artist-run Remain campaign during the UK’s EU referendum in 2016.