#3 unite against dividers

Unite Against Dividers  (13-15 Jan 2017) was a weekend of workshops, debates, questions and networking to equip and activate the arts community after the UK’s EU Referendum.

We have compiled all the resources and material from the weekend on this page.

If you’re asking: What’s next? Our answer is: Take an idea from the weekend and make it happen. Talk to the people you met and start your own art politics. We’ll do the same and continue to spread ideas, dates for action, demands and solidarity.

Many of the activities we hosted at the weekend are already continuing as regular events, like the choir with Jenny Moore or the communal lunches at arts institutions. To find out what is happening right now near you, follow us on twitter.

Send us your events, notes, images and ideas: keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com

Unite Against Dividers included contributions from:

Miguel Amado, Another Europe Is Possible, Artists’ Union England, Edwina Bruford, Kathrin Böhm, Beth Bramich, Black Blossoms, Cinenova, Company Drinks, Common Vision, Counterpoints Arts, Collective Creativity, EUROPA, Dr. Charlotte Fereday (code first: girls), Laura Gordon, Rose Gibbs, Emily Hesse, Jonathan Hoskins, Fozia Ismail, Sophie Chapman & Kerri Jefferis, Harriet Kingaby, Alexandra Kokoli, Shiv Malik, Anna McCarthy, Make Votes Matter, Migrant Voice, Migrant Species, More United, Jenny Moore, Hettie O’Brien, 1 Day Without Us, Tobi Oredein (Black Ballad), Divya Osbon, People Power, Portable Print Studio, Anne Robinson, Alicja Rogalska, Ines Neto Dos Santos, Trish Scott, Rosalie Schweiker, The Walking Reading Group, They Are Here (Harun Morrison & Helen Walker), Georgia Twigg, Julie Ward MEP, Susannah Worth

Unite Against Dividers was crowdfunded and we’d like to thank everybody who supported it.