#18 how to talk to people you disagree with

How to talk to people you disagree with 

Workshops / Zines / Podcasts

Occupational therapist Georgia Twigg introduces methods of staying positive and engaged in the face of disagreement, helping you to build skills of resilience and verbal reasoning in moments when you feel like giving into apathy.

In addition to the workshops, podcasts and zines have been made, to spread the word and allow us stay calm and focused when when our blood starts boiling.


Podcasts Episode 01-05

Episode 01 (19:46)

Episode 02 (11:47)

Episode 03 (17:06)

Episode 04 (16:54)

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe (17:24)

On Soundcloud, search for Keep it Complex.


You can get the HTTTPYDW Zine at Independents United Shop online.
The 4-page zine was designed by Laura Gordon and Rosalie Schweiker.



took place during Make it Clear and  the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2019 Programme.


GEORGIA TWIGG is an occupational therapist and ⅓ of Charismatic Megafauna. Georgia has been working in mental health for a long time. She noticed that some of the strategies she was using would be helpful for having difficult conversations and talking to people you disagree with in our everyday lives.