#17 international sock exchange

What is the International Sock Exchange?

The International Sock Exchange is a sock exchange between 100 artists, activists, curators, designers, politicians and the people of Passau, a town in South Germany.

Keep It Complex have chosen 100 people or organisations who will each receive one sock. We have subjectively chosen the people on this list because we critically value their work, we enjoy talking about them and we feel they are working towards a better Europe with fewer borders, less poverty, racism, sexism and fear.

The other sock of the pair will go to somebody in Passau. We will have a stall in the pedestrian zone in Passau (Piazza beim Stadtturm, Nibelungenplatz 1) from the 28th June to 3rd July 2019 to talk to people about the International Sock Exchange and find exchange partners.

People will be encouraged to give a donation of around 5€ in exchange for the sock, which we’ll use to start an International Sock Exchange Fund.

More about the International Sock Exchange on www.keepitcomplex.info


The International Sock Exchange is commissioned by the Europaeische Wochen Festspiele in Passau.