#9 send out a newsletter

As artists, designers and arts administrators we’re familiar with the task of having to promote, archive, circulate our work. Part of the reason why Keep It Complex started was to make these tasks easier.

But creating visibility takes a lot of effort and labour: Hosting events, updating the mailing list, thinking of catchy subject lines, scheduling tweets – who actually does it? How can we value this “supporting” work and not just the grand political gestures? Should we politicise admin?

To help us think through these questions, we will invite different people to design, edit and write a newsletter for us.

The brief is simple: They can send out anything they like to our 2,000 strong mailing list. We’ll exchange their labour with our labour and share invitations/commissions with them.

Our first new newsletter was compiled by artist Rose Gibbs, who also contributed to our Unite Against Dividers weekend.

This newsletter will be send out in July 2017 and is archived here.

All of Rose’s interviews featured in this newsletter are on soundcloud

Mustafa Korel 

Xenia Women

Claude ‘Hopper’ Hendrickson

Women’s Budget Group 

If you’d like to get our newsletters sign up here.

If you would like to edit a newsletter for us, email Keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com