#7 fight a snap election

Keep It Complex – Make It Clear is organising training sessions and has made new campaign material for the snap general election on June 8th.

You can download our faux tory posters here

Vote Conservative (landscape)

Vote Conservative (horizonzal)

All stickers individually in one zip file

Vote Conservative for insta and the new stickers: Brexit Means No Breakfast and Lose Your Vote

or order them as stickers for only 3 Pounds

If you have any material, ideas for actions or events you’d like to share, email us keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com or tweet us @keep_it_complex


Print and share Supermudane/Rob Lowe’s posters: Open Your Eyes To The Tory Lies

Do Us A Favour, Vote Labour posters by XmarkstheBokship Labour Favour with local version for Milton Keynes Oxford Essex

Studio Operative has also compiled a great collection of posters here

Thinking of voting Conservative? #VoteNHS  instead and share this video

Theresa May Not by Charismatic Megafauna

Email your MP to end the destitution policy against asylum seekers template letter

Why I am not voting Tory … add your reasons

The Magic Money Tree

2 May

Rose Gibbs is participating in “Beyond Us versus Them – The Role of Culture in a Divided Europe” at the representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, Brussels

4 May

Fozia Ismail, Hettie O’Brien and Rose Gibbs talk about art & politics with Holly Willats at 7pm as part of A—Z’s Status Quo exhibition

13 May

How to talk to people about politics

Communication training session with Georgia Twigg. Book here

Prep reading: The Secret to Having Difficult Conversations

14 May

We will have a stall at DIY cultures, with new & old stickers, T-shirts and a special Keep It Complex reader

20 May

Keep It Complex and Fozia Ismail will run a family workshop at Pumphouse Gallery

22 May

Deadline for voter registration. Register now, in case it crashes again…

27 May, 12pm

Sisters Uncut demo

26 May

For & Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet symposium at Fearon Hall, Loughborough. Book here.

29 May

Political Therapy at Block Universe 

31 May

launch of #Gamesforthemany at Newspeak house

5 – 7 June

Take a free special pre-election tour of Parliament 

8 June

General Election

Find your polling station

No.w.here election party

After the election

The Anti University NOW festival conveniently starts on June 10th: http://www.antiuniversity.org/

Refugee Week from 19 to 25 June

Go offline & talk to people

Canvassing with the

Green Party


Lib Dems or


Tactical voting

Why it doesn’t work

do the maths

How it could work


useful spreadsheet and another one

Open Britain key seat list

If you don’t have any spare time, but spare cash, donate to:




If you don’t want to campaign for a party



If you need arguments 

all the terrible stuff the government has done since the referendum

Take the GE17 quiz

Gal-dem’s hot take on the manifestos 

70k is rich

Theresa May’s voting record

Super rich buying Brexit