#2 make your own material

Coming up with a good slogan is not going to safe the world – but wouldn’t it be good to have something catchy to say next time somebody yells “take back control”?

  • Make your own T-Shirt

Use an old t-shirt or buy t-shirts here and either use fabric pens or tape to add your design

Or order a simple screen to print it yourself here

  • Make your own stickers, leaflets and posters

Coming up with a good slogan is hard work. Here are some methods we use: Get today’s newspapers and collage new slogans. Re-design existing political campaign material. Try to imagine a slogan that would speak directly to members of your family.

We find it works best to do the intitial brainstorming as a group, because it’s good to have a test audience for your slogans and jokes. Then we split off into smaller groups of 2-3 people to finish the designs. Your designs don’t have to be slick to work – and if you can’t use indesign or photoshop, just use scissors & glue.

  • Make your own badges

Order round shapes here or cut some out of cardboard. Add your own design with felt tip pens. Then glue a safety pin with tape to the back.

  • Make your own banner/flag

Tape a slogan on a piece of fabric. Apply paint to a sponge and colour in the fabric. Once the colour has dried, carefully peel of the tape to reveal your slogan.


Download posters and fonts from



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