#21 c-list

Corona Tool List (March 2020)

Just in case you’re living online at the moment and have not scrolled through enough top tips and what-to-do sites, here is our very own C-List with super selected links we all use and find useful:


Esther Perel, Social Connection While Social Distancing


Adrienne Maree Brown, Covid-19 Blog

The Syllabus, Corona Virus Readings

Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Mutual Aid And Physical Distancing Are Not New For Black And Racialized Minorities In The Americas


Join the collective note-taking, Pirate.Care.Syllabus

A letter to your line managers if you are a RCA UCU member

Submit to Dream Zine, by Susanna Worth


No More Zoom

Tech Tools for the Pandemic, collected from FACES members

Digital Solidarity Networks List


How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism, with Naomi Klein, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Astra Taylor and music by Lia Rose


Get Sector Specific Support and Guidance
Artists Union England

Museum Detox

United Voices of the World Union– NEW Design and Cultural Workers branch



Freelance Artist Resource

Creative Industries Federation

Guidance for the Voluntary Sector

National Domestic Workers Alliance


Worried About Rent and Contracts

London Renters Union

Advice on Contracts and Obligations


For Homeschoolers

Radical Education Network


Join a Union
Artist Union England

United Voices of The World




Teach and Learn
Anti University, 4 April – 25 April – event registration


Poop Calculator


From Migrants Organise
Caring Across Distance: Some Things to Consider Before Movement Gatherings During COVID-19 

Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens How might a pandemic affect US society and politics in 2020? 

A Comprehensive List of Tips, Tools, and Examples for Event Organizers

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action (get ideas for new tactics)

Suggested public messaging on coronavirus and COVID-19

Talking About COVID-19: A Call for Racial, Economic, and Health Equity

National COVID-19 Messaging Document 

Join the COVID-19 Response Community


Stay safe and well!